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Hi, My Name Is Rachel

An artist, actress, and educator dedicated to helping you live a more creatively fulfilling life. After being approached repeatedly by friends for voice over work, I started taking acting classes at the Alliance Theater in 2023. This transformative experience recalled her innate ability to sing, dance, and perform as a child. A woman of many talents, Rachel also enjoys gardening, fly fishing, running, horseback riding, and entrepreneurship.

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Smiling portrait of Rachel Ballard.
Rachel Ballard at Cristina Córdova studios in with a large head sculpture.

2012 : Work With The World’s Best

When I graduated from college, I figured the best way to learn how to become a successful artist was to simply learn from the best. So that’s exactly what I did. Cristina Cordova, Beth Cavener, Bob Meier, and Christina A. West were several of many of my mentors.

2019 : The Starving Artist

I just had just gotten remarried was completely broke. Over $10,000 in debt. Mark Knott said, Choose happiness. Covid, pregnant, real estate license. Teaching

2023 : Return To Roots

After having a baby and teaching for a couple of years, longing for creative fulfillment. Reestablish identity. Started taking acting classes

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